Black Sea Cup International

Country of owner & cooperator contest:
Founder: BSCC (
Black Sea Contest Club)
Page on the web:

Eligibility: Eligibility: All licensed amateurs worldwide.

Object: To contact as many other amateurs, BSCC-members, Amateurs of Black Sea countries, especially IARU member society HQ stations, around the world as possible using the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands.

Date and Contest Period: The first full weekend of February -  beginning 12:00 UTC Saturday  and ending 00:00 UTC Sunday

The Black Sea Cup International owner and cooperator is  BSCC (Black Sea Contest Club).

The intention of BSCC Contest is more contacts with different amateurs radio of the world, amateurs radio of Black Sea countries, BSCC members, HQ-BSCC and HQ of national amateur radio organizations and HQ-Clubs.

All contesters can use for work it the air all 12-hours.

Mode: CW, SSB

Band: 160 m, 80 m, 40 m, 20 m, 15 m, 10 m


The general classes of Entries: World Wide, Countries of Black Sea (Index #1) and HQ stations of clubs and national organizations, members of IARU

1. Single Operator.

- SSB HP (more 100 Watt);

- CW HP (more 100 Watt);

- Mixed mode HP (more 100 Watt);

- SSB LP (until 100 Watt);

- CW LP (until 100 Watt);

- Mixed mode LP (until 100 Watt);

- Mixed mode SB 160m;

- Mixed mode SB 80m;

- Mixed mode SB 40m;

- Mixed mode SB 20m;

- Mixed mode SB 15m;

- Mixed mode SB 10m;

- Mixed mode QRP (until 5 Watt) This Category must be more than 10 contester-logs. You must use callsign like YourCall/QRP.
Every contester yourself use plane of job in the air and use log-software. You can use spotting nets or packet. You must  use your job with Terms and Rules of Amateur radio License of your country. Your Station must be have one transmit signal in one time.

2. Multi Operators, 1 TX,  Mixed Modes.

Must remain on a band and mode for at least 10 minutes before changing bands or modes. Only one transmitted signal is allowed at any given time. You are not allowed a second radio that works only multipliers. All contesters must observe the amateur radio regulations of their country at all times. Violation of the band change rules will reclassify the entry as a CheckLog.

3. HQ-stations.

There are HQ-Stations of Clubs (for example UCC Ukrainian Contest Club, BSCC Black Sea Contest Club, AGB Activity Group of Belarus ) and national organizations. HQ-stations have only one transmitted signal per band mode (160 CW, 160 Phone, 80 CW, 80 Phone, 40 CW, 40 Phone, 20 CW, 20 Phone, 15 CW, 15 Phone, 10 CW, 10 Phone) at the same time. All stations involved in an HQ operation must be in a single ITU zone. Only one HQ station callsign per member society per frequency band is permitted. All contesters must observe the amateur radio regulations of their country at all times.


4. SWL.

SWL contesters may use all bands (160 , 80 , 40 , 20 , 15 , 10 ). This Category must be more than 3 SWL-contester-logs.


HQ-stations of national organization send RS(T) and official abbreviator of national organization member of IARU. The HQ-Stations of Clubs send RS(T) and official abbreviator of Club (for example  BSCC for Black Sea Contest Club, UCC for Ukrainian Contest Club, AGB Activity Group of Belarus ) .

Stations of Countries of Black Sea send  RS(T), BS (Black Sea) and Prefix of Country for BSCC Contest

 ( 59(9) BSUR for Ukraine, 59(9)BSHA Hungary, 59(9)BSLZ - Bulgaria),  (List of Countries of Black Sea and BSCC-prefixes for Contest-Numbers Index #1 Would you like to use this list for correct using PC-Software of all contesters).

Stations of Members of BSCC send RS(T), BS (Black Sea) and Club-number ( 599 BS17 for 17th  BSCC-member).

Other stations send RS(T) and number ITU-zone.

All QSOs in the Log must be have completed Contest-number.

You can have one contacts with every contesters per mode and per bands. All contacts you must make in several Mode-bands. CW-QSO in CW-bands only and SSB-QSO in SSB-band also.

Cross-mode, cross-band QSO, QSO via repeaters dont use in the contest.  Also You cant use every not amateur radio communications (internet, cell-phone ) because Its not HAM-spirit.

Use call in the Contest - "CQ Black Sea Cup".


For all contacts with your ITU-zone, Countries of Black Sea,  BSCC-members, HQ-stations give one point.

The contacts with others ITU-zones inside your continent 3 points. And Contacts with ITU-zones outside your continent 5 points.


For Multiplier you can count  ITU-zones and HQ-stations of Black Sea countries, BSCC-members per band.

- The HQ-stations, Amateurs radio of Black Sea regions, BSCC-members dont use for ITU-Multiplier.


The Total results of Contest:  the total number of QSO points times the total number of multipliers worked.


The Trophies will be awarded absolutely Winners of Entry. A certificate will be awarded to the high scoring entry in each category in each DXCC country and Winner of HQ-stations.

The special Trophy&Awards (additional) of BSCC contest may be made at the discretion of each countrys IARU member society, Clubs or Amateurs Radio.


Logs must be postmarked or emailed no later than 30 days after the end of the contest. If log dont receive after 12 days after deadline for Logs This logs use like Check-Log.

Electronic logs must confirm to the Cabrillo file format. Any entry which has been generated using a computer (either during the contest or after the contest) must be submitted either as an attachment to an email or on a 3.5 diskette. Electronic files must use the entrants callsign as the file name. The log file must be a chronological list of QSOs as made not separated by band or mode.

Paper-logs must be in chronologic of QSO, with information of band, mode, Date, time-UTC, Call, Numbers-send and number-receive, multipliers and points. Multipliers should be marked in the paper log only the first time they are worked on each band.

Paper logs with more than 500 QSOs must include dupes-heets (an alpha-numeric list of all callsigns worked, broken down by band and mode.)

All contacts in paper logs must be in chronological order, not separated by bands.



Page  on the WEB:

Mail: BSCI, Box 4, KERCH 98319, UKRAINE



30 days after Contest (postmarked or emailed no later than 30 days after the end of the contest)


The contester can be disqualification by Contest Committee for Rules of Contest, Rules and Regalement of your country of application national organization in 90 days after Contest. 

List of Countries of Black Sea and BSCC-prefixes for Contest-Numbers (Index #1)

In this list wrote Countries of Black Sea Region the countries where rivers of Black Sea.

Austria, OE

Albania, ZA

Belarus, EU

Bulgaria, LZ

Bosnia and Herzegovina, T9

Hungary, HA

Germany, DL

Georgia, 4L

Italy, I

Macedonia, Z3

Moldova, ER

Poland, SP

Russia (European part), RA

Romania, YO

Slovakia, OM

Slovenia, S5

Turkey, TA

Ukraine, UR

Croatia,  9A

Montenegro, YU6

Czech, OK

Switzerland, HB

Yugoslavia, YU

Correct 19 dec 2008

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