Европейский Клуб PSK

The EPC PSK63 QSO Party Team Challenge
The main idea was borrowed from the TARA PSK Rumble.
General Rules
Each team has to select a Gaffer, a team leader, whose responsibility is to complete a team and to submit the team's information to the EPC Contest Committee. Since each team member is also encouraged to submit a non-team, individual entry, <Single Operator - Single Transmitter> operation is the only operating category allowed in the EPC PSK63 QSO Party. Any individual can only be a member of one team. Each team is allowed up to 5 members.

Members can be spread geographically. The smart Gaffer will probably select a DX diversified team to enhance the team's multipliers. Each team must declare its Name and each of its members' names and call signs, at least 48 hours before contest kick-offs. You can add and drop members from the Team up until this dead line (24:00 UTC, 13th November 2008) . Then the Teams will be frozen. These declarations will be posted on the special <EPC PSK63 QSO Party Team Challenge> web page along with the teams other declarations.

The team Gaffer can throw a challenge to another team indicating that they will <whip them> royally in the contest. If accepted by the other team, this challenge will be posted in the team's declaration on the web page mentioned above. The winning team will add 500 points to its total and the loosing team subtracts 500 points. A maximum of 3 teams can be challenged by a single team for a total of +/- 1500 <whip them> points on the final score.

Since the Teams total scores are important for applying the challenge bonus points to the Grand Totals, we ask the Gaffers to make sure the members submit their logs correctly and on time. To keep things focused please keep all the contest banter on the EPC Google News Group.

Any score submission received that indicates Team Challenge Category but the member does not appear on the teams declaration, will not be included with the Team, and will be entered as an individual entry only. Teams can find their relevant declarations and member list posted on the special <EPC PSK63 QSO Party Team Challenge> web page.

You can start to complete your team right away and submit your details to us via email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Make sure that you provide all the necessary information, such as your Team's name, members' call signs, and a team or teams you are going to challenge.

All the very best and 73!
EPC PSK63 QSO Party Contest Committee

Дорогие Друзья Радиолюбители,

Европейский Клуб PSK имеет честь, пригласить радиолюбителей по всему миру,
чтобы участвовать в Третьих EPC PSK63 QSO Party Соревнованиях 2008.
Правила доступны на нашем веб-узле в
Время состязания с 00.00 до 24.00 UTC в воскресенье 16-го ноября 2008 ноября.
Каждый может участвовать в этих соревнованиях. Мы ждём ваши предложения
по созданию команд посмотрите
Мы рекомендуем использовать программное обеспечение от UU0JC
для создания, редактирование, прверки Cabrillo, вычисления Вашего результата,
которое досткпно: или
а также Вы можете получить специальный файл для проверки Вашего Cabrillo по адресу:

Успеха Вам в соревнованиях 73!
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