Objective: To contact in CW as many ham radio stations including PRO-CW-CLUB members; facility to obtain the awards issued by our club. More 7 MHz traffic would help to protect this band against intruders.

Our contest promotes the ham radio skills and talent and NOT computers performances.

Date: Yearly, first Saturday and Sunday of October.

            2007: October 6 and 7.

Time/Periods: Two periods: Saturday 1600 1800 UTC and Sunday 0600 0800 UTC.

                        A QSO with same station may be repeated during the second period.

Band: 7 MHz, recommended 7005 and up.

Categories: Single Op YO

                    Single Op outside YO

                    Single Op QRP, max. 5W.

                    Multi Op single TX

                    PRO-CW members (including QRPer members)

Contest Call: TEST PRO

Exchanges: RST + serial number beginning with 001. PRO-CW members transmit RST+PRO.

QTC traffic: Additional points can be achieved using QTC traffic, which consists of: time/call/serial number report, sent by PRO-CW-CLUB members to non members. I.e.: 0612/YO6ZZZ/025  or  0630/YO6ZZZ/PRO.

Only a maximum 3 (three) reported QTCs are permited each period to the same station. One QSO reported represent one QTC. A record of all QTCs send is required: I.e.: QTC 3/2  is QTC nr 3 and has 2 QSO reported (additional 2 points).

Score: QSO with EU: 2 points.   QSO with DX: 4 points.  Each QSO with PRO-CW-CLUB members  count double, as 4 and 8 points. Each confirmed QTC sent or received values 1 point.

Multiplier: All countries worked according DXCC + WAE and all YO districts worked (YO2, YO3, etc).

WAE countries:  4U1V,  GM/Shetland,  IT,  JW/b  Bear Island.

Final score: The sum of points (period1 + period2) multiplied by the sum of multipliers (period1 + period2).

Awards: Top three participants of each categories will be awarded if there are more or equal than 10 participants listed. Top one if there are less 10 participants listed in the category. More awards will be considered by contest committee if necessary. A special trophy will be awarded if  more of 150 participants in the contest.

Permissions: Using any classic keying system like buzz-bugs, vibroplexes, el-keys and classic memory el-key (ram), the final score will be multiplied with 1. Using classic (straight) keys, the final score will be multiplied

by 1,2.  Participants must specify the keying system used in the summary sheet.

Penalties: In case of keyboards and computer usage, the final score will multiplied by 0,75.

Permission to use computer is granted only post-contest to write the log (as typewriter) and/or send the log via e-mail.

Disqualifications: Violation of any contest rules;  duplicate QSOs of 2% or more;  Illegible logs.

Results: The final results will be published by our site

 and by <Radiocomunicatii si Radioamatorism> (Romanian Radio Federation official magazine).

Logs: Paper logs, (sheets and summary you can download from our site), and electronic logs.

All logs no later 20 days after contest  (postal date).




Mail:    Ioan BRANGA   YO2RR

           Str. Imparatul Traian nr.2

            RO-30550   LUGOJ


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