CW SOFTWARE from PA3BWK's Ultimate CW Site -- PileUp, RUFZ, Stormy Weather SoftWare, VK3ESM's Morse Code Programs, MRX Software, QRZ Shareware Collection, EasiWare, K7ON's list of CW shareware

200 Morse Code QSO`s -- Via Les Johnstone GM0SOZ @ GB7SAN Glasgow, Scotland

AA9PW Amateur Exam Practice Pages -- Code & Written Exams

The Cluster Blaster -- Multichannel Continental Code Receiver

CodeMaster V -- From Milestone Technologies Inc.

CodeQuick -- Since 1979 -- From Wheeler Applied Research Lab

CWGET & CWTYPE -- The DXSoft Group -- CWGET - Program to decode morse code (CW) via sound card to text. CW-TYPE - Terminal program for CW-operators. Transmit both from the keyboard and from the paddle.

DMorse -- From G0MDO Software.

Ham University -- Learn Morse Code or practice for your FCC exams -- By Michael Crick

How To Learn Morse Code -- Free Download & Purchase Tapes From Nicholas I Skinner

KD0DAN Morse Training -- First Breakthrough in Morse Training in Years

Koch Method of Learning Morse -- By David G. Finley, N1IRZ

MacIntosh Software -- From WD1V

Morse Code version 4.01a -- From Stormy Weather SoftWare

Morse Academy (ver 5.2q) -- Download From AH0A/7J1AAA Amateur Radio Site

MorseCat -- Morse code practicing program for beginners and experts, Windows 3.1 / Windows 95/98

Morse Code Deciphered -- A Meaning Behind The Code

Morse Code Teaching Machine -- Excellent Morse Code Trainer

MorseMania - -- For The Mac

Morse Midi -- Download from Alex Shovkoplyas, ex UR5EMI (now in VE3)

MOSH Morse Trainer -- From SM6KFY /Peter

MRX - -- Morse Receive and Transmit Training

Multi-mode Morse Code Trainer -- By N3TUK

NuMorse and NuTest -- Excellent Morse Code Trainers By Tony Lacy, G4AUD

OFFICECW -- CW Morse code trainer runs in DOS no sound card needed for volume control -- by KC6TEU

Pile Up Tapes -- Via

POLAR Electric Morse-Decoder MRP 37 -- CW-Decoder-Software

QRZ Morse Trainers Listing -- 35+ Programs

Super Morse -- By Lee Murrah, WD5CID

UA9OSV CwType And CwGet -- Send and Receive CW With Your Computer -- From Sergei, UA9OSV

W1AW Code Practice-- On The Air, Times and Frequencies

WA6EHL CW training programs

200 Morse Code QSO`s -- Excellent Morse Code Trainers

Written Exam Questions -- Several to choose from

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Morsecat-275Kb Прекрасная программа для изучения телеграфа. Можно вводитьсвой текст, Менять скорость и соотношение. Лучшей программы под Окна нет.
Cwget -728Kb Тоже прекрасная программа для CW
Calvert-11Kb Программа для расчета вертикальных GP антенн.
Caldipol-11Kb Программа для расчета дипольных антенн.


Очень много всяких программ для изучния и применения CW

Как выучить азбуку морзе