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Ukrainian amateur radio league UARL
The Ukrainian national award URDA

( Worked with administrative areas of Ukraine)

Frequencies for award URDA

Featured radio frequencies for QSO with URDA regions of Ukraine:

- 1825, 3525, 7025, 10125, 14025, 18105, 21025, 24925, 28025
SSB - 1855, 3655,  7085, 14185, 18125, 21185, 24935, 28325

3525, 3655, 14025 и 14185  - Basic frequencies


Ukraine has 761 administrative areas (Stand 1-1-2009)
See engl full URDA list

Base diploma is given out for QSO with
administrative areas of Ukraine.

Other diplomas are given out according to the table:

URDA-200 = 100 areas of Ukraine
URDA-200 = 200 areas of Ukraine
URDA-300 = 300 areas of Ukraine
URDA-400 = 400 areas of Ukraine
URDA-500 = 500 areas of Ukraine
URDA-600 = 600 areas of Ukraine
URDA-700 = 700 areas of Ukraine

For QSO with all areas of Ukraine - the board " HONOR ROLL URDA " is given out.

In offset there are QSO which have been carried out since August 24, 1991.

The separate diploma is given out:
- For telegraphic CW kinds of a radio communication
- Telephone SSB kinds of a radio communication
- Digital kinds of a radio communication
- Mixed kinds of a radio communication
- For work on one or several ranges by any kind of work
- For work only on VHF
- For work only on one range, switching WARC.

The QSO through beacon on the diploma are not set off.

The applications for competition of the diploma URDA are sent to  the manager UARL:

Vladimir A. Stepanenko,
P.O. box 28, Chernihiv-postamt, 14000, Ukraine
E-Mail: [email protected] 

Payment of the diploma in view of the post charges:
For DX of the radioamateurs - 10 USD (We send award to you only recommendet post service)

More detailed information, and also list of administrative areas of Ukraine in Russian and English languages
Look on a site UARL: http://uarl.com.ua/urda/    

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